Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Principles of Management    B.Sc.
2    Principles of Management    B.Sc.
3    Principles of Management    B.Sc.
4    Management of Organizational Behavior    B.Sc.
5    Basics of Organizing and Management    B.Sc.
6    Management theories and principles    B.Sc.
7    Decision and Policy Making    B.Sc.
8    Basics of Public Management - II    B.Sc.
9    English for Management Students - III and IIII    B.Sc.
10    Labour Relations in Organization    B.Sc.
11    Basics of Public Management - I    B.Sc.
12    English for Management Students - I and II    B.Sc.
13    Foundations of Management    B.Sc.
14    Principles of Management    B.Sc.
15    Principles of Managament and Organization Theory    B.Sc.
16    Theories of Management and Organization – Strategic Perspective    M.Sc.
17    Advanced Human Resource Management    M.Sc.
18    Advanced Theories of Organizational Behavior    M.Sc.
19    Advanced Organizational Behavior    M.Sc.
20    Advanced human resource management    M.Sc.
21    Advanced Human Resource Management    M.Sc.
22    Advanced Organizational Behavior Management    M.Sc.
23    Advanced Human Resource Management    M.Sc.
24    Oeganiztional Beheiord & Human Resource manahent    M.Sc.
25    Strategies Of Human Resource Management    M.Sc.
26    Skill Training, Training and Human Resource Development    M.Sc.
27    Strategic Human Resource Management    M.Sc.
28    Human resource Training And Development    M.Sc.
29    Human resource management in Industrial Organizations    M.Sc.
30    Advanced organital    M.Sc.
31    Management of Statistical Systems    M.Sc.
32    Jnlernation Human Resource nlanagement    Ph.D
33    Research Seminar on Human Resource Managament    Ph.D
34    Research Seminar in Human Resource Management    Ph.D
35    Management of International Organizational Behavior    Ph.D